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It is a Japanese paper yarn made of 100 percent natural fiber derived from perennial plants using Curetex's original manufacturing method.
The world's highest level textile safety certification "OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Product Class I" (products for babies in the context of this standard are all articles, basic materials and accessories, which are provided the production of articles for babies and children up to the age of 36 months) has been obtained. It is a material that is safe for the body and does not contain any harmful substances.


・This mask can be washed and reusable (by hand washing).
・This mask cannot be used to protect against harmful dust and gas.
・In case you experience any symptoms such as itchiness, rashes, or allergic symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
・ There may be a fiber-specific odor at the beginning of use, but it will disappear after washing.
・ If you feel unwell due to the odor, please discontinue use.
・ Do not use near fire.
・ Store in a clean, dry place.

How to wear

You must wear your mask correctly to keep you protected:
・Check the front and back of the mask.
・Hold the mask by the sides and attach it to your face, the make sure that it covers your nose to your mouth.
・Pull and wear the straps over your ears.

Instructions & Care

・ Avoid washing machines and dry cleaning, wash gently by hand.
・ Please avoid using a detergent containing fluorescent enhancers or bleach.
・ Avoid tumbler drying, squeeze lightly to smooth out wrinkles, shape and let it air dry.
・ When using an iron, use it at a low temperature and lightly apply it.

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