Sustainable washi, kindness living

Sustainable washi, kindness living.

Washi fabric〈Curetex〉comes from our wish for kindness living. The Gentle Washi Mask is earth-friendly from its first plant ingredient to being biodegradable upon wearing out.


It comes from the ground and to the ground, it will return.

This essence in sustainability is

the washi fabric〈Curetex〉.

〈Curetex〉 is working on creating sustainable activities with the intent that human beings and mother nature are important.

Washi fabric〈Curetex〉is a safe fabric considering human and nature thoroughly, using plant materials with low environmental impact and a manufacturing method that does not rely on chemical processing.

Upon wearing out, the product is biodegradable, returning to the soil finally.


*It does not damage the environment and it does not rely on chemical processing.

We make yarn from the material washi,

which originates from perennial plants and using the original washi manufacturing method, which is a laborious and no chemical process.

This is〈Curetex〉.

Gentle Washi Mask is earth-friendly and you can use it repeatedly.

It does not require a negative impact on our environment.


*Gentle Washi Mask is earth-friendly and you can use it repeatedly.

It seems that washi does not go well with water

but〈Curetex〉is durable and resistant to water

and you can wash it many times.

No additional garbage. No to wasteful resources. No wasteful living.

Gentle Washi Mask is a suitable material for kindness living and an earth-friendly lifestyle.


*If you bury it in the soil, it returns to soil.

〈Curetex〉mask is so biodegradable

that it is used in soil improvement.

If you bury a〈Curetex〉mask which has been worn out in the soil of a garden, field or plant,

it returns to the soil in a few months

and does not harm to the environment